Jump to closing Curly Brace!

I maintain a few projects with a few spaghetti functions.

It’s really common to see something like:


//And then sixteen pages of text before the closing brace


If you click either brace, it highlights its counterpart, which is great when they’re on the same page, but not when they’re many scrolly pages and many brace-pairs apart…

So I wondered if there was a way I could jump between them (16 pages is an awful lot of scrolling)

Yes! Ctrl+] !

Thanks SO!

Windows 8 UX Fundamentals–free virtual training

I’ve been working on the Windows 8 Application Excellence Lab circuit recently, helping push Metro-style apps from good to great!

Metro apps look visually simple, but conveying your app’s information in a simple and visually appealing manner isn’t just a matter of “removing stuff”. The best apps look simple, present information appealingly and effectively, and delight the user with their interactive behaviours.

Why tell you this? Well! There’s some free virtual training coming up with the Windows UX team:

Windows 8 UX fundamentals–free virtual training

On 14th June from 9am to 5.30pm PST, the Windows User Experience team is running sessions on how to design great apps that use the platform in cool ways and follow UX guidelines. After the training, you’ll be able to design and build experiences that follow the tenants of great apps, use intuitive information architecture patterns, and use best practices for designing flexible layouts, touch, contracts, and much more.

Sure, for Aussies, it’s an early start and finish, but if you’re looking to brush up your Windows 8 application, or just interested in thinking about how you might construct a deconstructed app, it’s worth a look!

More at the Windows 8 developer blog.