Wanted: New Tablet. Thin, light, quickish, immortal battery.


  • Multitouch
  • Active Digitizer (Pen support, preferably pressure-sensitive)
  • Thin (Don’t need a DVD drive, and small bulk is important for travelling)
  • Light (again, travelling)
  • SSD-capable (for a later upgrade)
  • 8ish hour battery life
  • 4GB+
  • Integrated 3G
  • TPM (this teeny little thing is really a license to demand wads of cash, isn’t it?)

Plus, if at all possible, cheap. For the above, I’d stretch to $AUD2000, but I’m loath to spend more than that.

I was waiting patiently to see an Acer 1820PTZ in the flesh, but it looks like the 1825PTZ has just been announced and the 1820PTZ seems rare (to say the least) right now. In favour of Acer: I really like my Acer 23” touch LCD screen, but I’m concerned that while it uses USB, it doesn’t have a hub built into it. Oversight, or pure madness? I don’t know. I’ve been eyeing an 1810PT in Dick Smith – it’s only $900, claims an 8-hour (widely substantiated) battery life, and is light and has a multi-track pad… but no touch, no pen, and little real need if I’m not taking it on the road and just using it on the couch.

My Dell XT is a reasonable laptop, but its battery life is suboptimal, and Dell politely didn’t respond to my inquiry as to getting a larger battery pack for it a while back. Their model range seems to have undergone a battery-life-less refresh recently (the V13/Latitude 13 looks very nice, but I want more than 6 hours from a charge, and touch). Plus, the dearth of customization options for most of them on the AU website doesn’t make me happy.

HP don’t seem to do thin and light and tablet (or if they do, I haven’t seen one). Love my touchsmart, was blown away by the newer model in JB Hi Fi the other day, but it’s expensive. And notably for this discussion, not a tablet.

The Lenovo X201T seems to have been refreshed with Core i5/7 processors, but the cost is prohibitive if I’m buying one myself – not to mention that their AU website doesn’t mention that yet.

My Fujitsu P1610 with 6-cell is still my personal travel laptop of choice, but it cost $3000 a few years back and performs about as well as your average netbook, plus the touch screen got “bubbly” (when drawing, not physically) near the start button, making it hard to use in that area. The other Fuj tablets don’t seem to share the AWESOME function key layout of the P1610 (Fn-left for Home, Fn-right for End, Fn-Up/Dn for PgUp/Dn – the efficiency is incredible, and it has to be experienced to be believed), and they tend to look vertically chunky. Did I mention they were generally expensive?

I’d accept a really thin clamshell with touch, but I’d miss the pen support, which I tend to use a lot when trying to explain concepts to people. So ideally, it’s still a tablet for me, for the road.

(Or do I just jam a small Wacom in my travel bag? I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone use a graphics tablet in a technical meeting before, and imagining it, I’m pretty sure I can imagine why not).

So – anyone got a tip for a small, thin, light, fastish laptop with immortal battery life and tablet capabilities?