PL15W2SP.DLL vs Firewall Client

As I possibly misspelled or misremembered it, the PL15ws2p.dll (possible sic) file was installed as a Winsock Layered Service Provider on a couple of boxes at a customer site.

Coincidentally, these machines were Windows Server 2008 machines where we couldn’t get the Firewall Client to work properly.

We found that there was a third party LSP using:

NETSH WINSOCK SH CA > catalog.txt

And then opening catalog.txt in notepad. The properties of the Pl15ws2p.dll indicated that it was a signed DLL from American Power Corporation or similar (APC or ACP; one of those no-notes half-hours), and that it was used in some sort of management capacity.

But only one of the machines had this APC software installed on it, and the other didn’t… perhaps it got left behind when it was being uninstalled? The search engines didn’t seem to know much about it.

Either way, next step was clear:


To return the Windows Sockets provider list to its shiny defaults, and reboot the computer.

After that, the Firewall Client wasn’t working (which we expected).

A Repair from Not-Called-Add-Remove-Programs-Any-More-Now-It’s-Programs-And-Features-Silly fixed that up.

Cool, huh? Remember: when nothing makes sense and the configuration looks good, perhaps LSPs are to blame?

Now if only I could get my stupid Huawei 3G modem working on my Win7 laptop again (“Device attached to the system is not functioning”… thaaanks).