Win2K: 1 Year, 5 months to go

I just saw the first case for a fair while come through on IIS 5.0; it prompted me to wonder when support for IIS 5.0 (as part of Windows 2000) expires.

Well, the answer is: 13th July 2010.

If staying well away from the leading edge – but still supported – is truly important to you, then outside of a Custom Support Agreement you have about a year to test and perform an upgrade to at least Windows Server 2003.

Don’t leave it till the last minute- virtualize those Win2K IIS servers, and try upgrading them to 2003, porting the app to 2003 or 2008 (in many cases, they’ll just be copy-able straight across), and generally getting ready for the transition.

It’s predictable; you can see it coming… take action now!


Other interesting lifecycle events: (by the way, a LifeCycle isn’t that awesome thing from the movie Tron, that’s a Light Cycle)

  Mainstream End Extended End (Dead!)
Windows Server 2003
(IIS 6.0)
13 July 2010 14 July 2015
Office 2000 Way Past 14 July 2009
Office XP Back in 06 12 July 2011