I’m going to flee, I am.

To the beach, once more.

Since going on holiday a couple of hours ago, I’ve:

 – bought Civ 4 and Psychonauts from Steam (played the Psychonauts demo a while back, absolutely loved it, but didn’t buy it for a reason I can’t remember right now) (they’re peppering my DSL connection as I type)

 – played the Rainbox 6: Lockdown demo from Xbox Live (that was very, very cool, kinda a faster-paced GRAW feel to it)

 – downloaded the Windows SDK (Intended Holiday Activity #1: Sit near beach with Petzold’s latest, and come back with Some Knowledge of WPF)

 – found OpenGL drivers from Nvidia for Windows Vista RC2, so I can play Armadillo at high speed again

 – realized my tax is due by the 31st this year (as it is every year). ZOMG!

 – Also, it’s Daylight Savings night tomorrow night, the clocks go back, I think.

It’ll be a fun week at the beach, followed by a fun week not at the beach. As long as the weeks are fun, I’m happy. And vice versa.

Be seeing you…

Netmon 3, Now With Added Blogging!*

Though it might technically be possible, it’s probably quite difficult (“quite” in the “very” sense) to blog from Netmon.

Doesn’t stop us rolling out the most significant new version in, oh, years, and the Netmon team have started a blog with tips and things for the new version.

It’s a ground-up rewrite, it’s all new, and it’s the first version (er, of the third version), so it’s still rough in places, but getting better all the time. And live capture viewing FTW!

So, go check them out. Netmon3 can be beta’d using connect.microsoft.com. (Note that you’re looking for Network Monitor 3.0″ rather than “Netmon”) There’s an X64 flavour as well, making life easier than the Netcap + Ethereal combination I’ve been using…

We Are To Afflict Nuisance / We Are Impairment Praying Carrots

A beauty of a dialog over at the always-lolfworthy Daily WTF:

We are to afflict nuisance which you east cause, but the program met an error. We would like, for a support more effective than you send the report/ratio of error we will correct the program within shortest time!

[To cancel] [Send error]

It’s just under the Hydrogen dioxide (? HO2?) car ad. Boy, I’d love to get that text into Windows Vista’s error reporting! 🙂 Could this be the All Your Base of error messages? I think so!

Round trips via Babelfish:


We are impairment praying carrots, which you met an east cause, but the program a disturbance. We would like, because a support, which is more effective, than you send report/ratio the disturbance, which we repair the program within the shortest time!

(I *swear* I didn’t type anything about carrots. But lol!)


We you met to the cause and the program mistake the east, but annoyance should suffer. We like rather than sending report/ratio of the mistake which corrects the program during brief we, because effective support!


We must afflict nuisance you eastern reason, but to program they met error. We wanted would be, because support more effective than you send report/ratio errors, we is which let us correct program in the limits of korotkiya period!

And that’s where my inclination to keep going ran out. French was interestingly the most similar.

Why I Don’t Win Awards For Intelligence Very Often*

a) I always get the whole “sneaking” thing wrong in Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Ah tristank, you are so clever! A pun on Intelligence!)

b) I just spent about, oh, two-and-a-bit hours on and off today working out how to get Outlook to look at the IE7 feed list.

Let’s concentrate on my failure at (b) for the time being:

I haven’t opened RSS Bandit for a good month; I’ve just been flat out. Strangely, I’m keeping up on my email (for the most part), so I figured that maybe I’d give Outlook 2007’s RSS integration another shot, for feeds I couldn’t miss and didn’t just want to skim (you know, like codinghorror, oldnewthingkotaku and so on). I could keep the low-impact newspapery-style stuff in RssBandit, and having a blank feed list was a good opportunity to rationalize the stuff I really cared about.

So anyway, I remembered that Outlook had asked me whether I wanted my (largely blank) IE7 feed list imported just after installing Windows Vista weirdo build something-or-other and the Office B2TR.

I answered “no, you idiot!” in my best Professor Farnsworth voice without really – what’s the word – reading the dialog box, so had no idea how to get back to that point.

I searched the Outlook Help, and found many helpful and chatty entries about RSS in general, and how you could add feeds in IE7 or Outlook, and so on, but didn’t find any mention of the IE7 common feed store (or common feed list, or common rss list, or IE common… you get the idea).

I hit the web, and couldn’t find anything. (Repeat this step at 10 minute intervals while procrastistudying).

Found the reference for Outlook command-line switches, and started working through them, trying to recreate that first-run “would you like me to synchronize feed lists?” moment; no luck.

Just now, after completing my night’s TV viewing and (while on the mental backburner) deciding to just use OPML to import and export the feeds, I thought that there had to be some way of exporting the common feed store from IE to OPML – I was half-expecting to have to write code to do it!

Another web search later, bang! IE has an Import/Export menu item on the Add Favorites/Feed/Star Thing menu.

This lets you export IE’s feed list to OPML. Poifect.

From there, I was trying to pull it into Outlook, but there’s no import feeds button in the RSS area under Accounts, and the Folder Properties for the RSS Feeds folder doesn’t do anything. Back to the Help…

This time, the Help was spot-on – it describes how to import OPML feed lists http://officebeta.iponet.net/client/helppreview.as…

This led to the File-> Import/Export menu, and that, dear friends, leads to this dialog:

See that bottom option, just below the OPML one!? the one called “Import RSS Feeds from the Common Feed List“? You do? So did I!

So sure – you *could* import from OPML, but it’s easier to skip that step entirely!!!

Common Feed List 1

And so I now have a selection of feeds for browsing in IE, and a selection of must-read feeds that generate little email-stylez items in Outlook again. All is right with the world.

I’m not convinced import/export is the most intuitive/discoverable location for this, but now I know it’s there, I’m able to get on with enjoying (a) above, and relax a little*.

My Windows Vista MCE

I’ve had a mission critical Media Centre PC set up in the living room for the last – oh – dunno. Since MCE 2005 came out.

It’s had various interim builds of Windows Vista running on it for various lengths that were abandoned for various reasons (and she beats me if it fails).

As of RC2, my setup was stable enough to keep, so the leap has been made.

It’s not a completely flawless upgrade (things improved 400% after a BIOS upgrade, I might add), but it’s solid enough that I can leave it running and not be super-scared that my recordings won’t happen. The PCI tuners work well. My 6600-straight 256MB card is a little slow when mixing UI with video, but it’s gradually been getting better, so will probably continue to improve with new drivers.

The new layout took a little while to adapt to, but near-accidentally addresses one of my criticisms of earlier versions – anything sorted by Date should sort Descending.

It doesn’t actually sort that way, but that’s OK – instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom of a date-sorted list, you can just hit Left once in a screen-wide-and-wrapping horizontal list, and you’re at the most recent block of entries. That’s a time-and-battery saver right there!

Anyway, we’re very happy together (thanks for asking). RTM should be good.


Alriiight, CS 2.1 rolls on in and I think I’d better break the cycle of work, Armadillo Run and limited sleep to clock up a single post for ROCKtober. In the voice of a commercial DJaaaaaay.

The logo’s off centre now, because it’s edgier. If it loads at aaaaall.

More amazing posts coming up on Blog du Tristaaaaaank.

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