Halo 2 Multiplayer on Live: First Impressions

Ah haaaaaa haaaaaaaa ha hahahaha haaaaa hahahahaha haaaa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

(every single one of those was typed. Individually. In time with me cackling insanely after coming down from a slaughter high).

Bedtime. But seriously, haaaaa hahahahaha! Haaa!

I quickly hunted through the options for the one I thought would interest me most, and am happy to report that the option is there for you to play Co-op on Live! W00t! (now I need to try it). Well, as it turns out, Co-Op is still splitscreen only. Bummer.

As it turns out, regular garden-variety Rumble Pit was plenty fun. Melee attacks. Humiliation. Mmm. Chortle.

Being able to hear people nearby yelling at you was a lot of fun. Mmm. Sweet trash talk.

Tristank’s Top Tip: If you see someone running at you with an energy sword… Run.